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ICOM IC-A220E TSO Approved Panel Mount VHF Airband Radio

ICOM IC-A220E Panel Mount Air band Radio is now TSO Approved
NZ $3,798.00

ICOM IC-A220E Panel Mount Airband Radio

**Now TSO Approved for use as a primary VHF radio in general aviation (part 23) aircraft and also accepted as an ETSO radio.**

  • For air use
  • Easy to install air band panel mount VHF radio
  • High visibility OLED display with white key backlight
  • 8.33 kHz Channel spacing
  • Easy to use channel selection function
  • Automatic squelch function
  • 12V/24V DC power source
  • Intercom function
  • GPS memory function
  • Dualwatch and priority watch functions

High Visibility OLED Screen
Operating information is clearly shown on the OLED display.The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) emits light from itself, so a display back light is not required. It provides higher contrast, wider viewing angle of almost 180 degrees and faster response time than a conventional LCD. The IC-A220’s display has a wide active area, operating frequencies’ characters can be maximized in the display, while operating status can be shown on both top and bottom of the display.

Large Switch Buttons

The IC-A220 has large switch buttons on the front panel. The most frequently used FLIP-FLOP (Frequency exchange) switch button is designed large enough to be pushed with ease. All switch buttons and knobs are illuminated with pure-white backlighting which are the same color as the OLED display.

TSO/ETSO Certification

The IC-A220 TSO version can be used as a primary VHF radio in general aviation (part 23) aircraft*. The IC-A220 TSO version is also accepted as an ETSO radio under the TSO/ETSO reciprocal acceptance policy.

Auto Squelch Function

The squelch sensitivity is automatically adjusted in accordance with the noise level to eliminate annoying background noise and unwanted signals.

Quick Squelch Adjustment

The auto and manual squelch including squelch level can be quickly accessed with the Volume knob. The squelch test function temporarily opens the squelch and allows you to monitor signals.

Auto Dimmer

The auto dimmer function sets display and key backlighting brightness. The IC-A220’s high sensitivity light sensor covers a wide illumination range.

External Dimmer Control

By connecting to an external dimmer control system on the aircraft, the IC-A220’s dimmer function can be linked with the aircraft dimmer level. The external dimmer control can be used on either 13.8 V or 27.5 V electrical systems.

Intercom Function

The IC-A220 has a built-in voice activated intercom function allowing the pilot to talk with the copilot via the headset. The IC-A220 has adjustable audio level and squelch control functions.

Memory Channels

The IC-A220 has 20 memory channels and 20 history memory channels respectively. Often used memory channels can be instantly recalled. Group memory channels are organized into 10 memory channels by 5 groups (total 50 channels). Weather channel scanning function searches for weather channel signals.

8.33 kHz Channel Spacing

The IC-A220 allows switching between 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz frequency steps in the menu mode.

* Use of 8.33 kHz channel spacing may be prohibited depending on country.

Remote Control Capability

You can remotely control the FLIP-FLOP (frequency exchange), intercom and recall switches via the rear panel connector.

9 V Power Supply Operation

As the TSO specifications require, the radio continues to work with the reduced power supply voltage.

Configuration Menu

To improve operability, menu items are divided into two modes, a settings menu and a configuration menu. Seldom-changed settings can be set in the configuration menu, while normal settings can be made in the settings menu.

Other features

  • Dualwatch and priority watch functions
  • One touch access to 121.5 MHz emergency frequency
  • Both 13.8 V and 27.5 V electrical systems compatible
  • Side tone function for monitoring your voice with a headset
  • ANL (Automatic noise limiter) function reduces pulse type noise
  • D-SUB 25-pin connector and MIL-Spec M39029/63-368 compliant socket pins
  • Slim 33 mm (1.3 inch) height can be installed in a limited panel space


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