Bulls Flying Doctor Service.

“Thanks very much Tony for the service you have provided my Bulls Flying Doctor Service over the last seven years. The service has grown to the point where I now do nearly 25% of NZ pilot medicals and provide an aviation medical service to pilots at over 22 remote airstrips between Gisborne and Invercargill. It is a dream come true for me and involves working from my aviation medical centre at Palmerston North Airport and also flying about 25hours per month in my C172 XP2 HAWK over the some of the roughest but most beautiful terrain in our wonderful country. I am also lucky enough to be able to work with my daughter Anna (computer whizz) and son Marc who is only 19yrs old but is already CPL chopper rated and does a wonderful job managing the business. The flying I do is amazing but it carries a certain amount of risk which I am able to keep to the minimum by sticking to the basics: only flying in weather I can handle, always do a flight plan, keep the aircraft well maintained and in case of emergency have good / well proven gear. It is on this issue of safe flying that I am very grateful to the service Tony has provided me over the last seven years. He does a great job with regards to advising and supplying me with not only high quality emergency gear but also a wide range of general aviation equipment that have made my job more efficient and professional. However the one point that I am most grateful for is that if a bit of gear I have brought from him breaks down or plays up he gets it sorted for me / repaired very quickly so  I will stick to Marinair for my aviation equipment needs - best regards, Dr Dave”.

Ace Aviation

"I operate a fixed wing flight training school in Masterton and use the services of Marinair Technology located in Wellington to provide me with a variety of aviation related products for myself, my clients and the aircraft.

The products supplied are of high quality and a of reputable brands and I have never had a problem with anything purchased from Marinair.

The service provided is outstanding, receiving goods within a day of ordering.
If you happen to be passing through the store located at Wellington Aero Club and spot something you need - it is great that you are able to take the item with you.

I would recommend Marinair Technology for outstanding products and an excellent service."

Kerry Conner
Ace Aviation

Strait Shipping

Strait Shipping Limited has used Marinair for the supply of Wynns instrumentation and various other safety related equipment for several years. We have found that all enquiries elicit a prompt reply, whether this be for advice, quotations or supply.

Marinair carry enough stock to supply the majority of our needs quickly, and if the item is not in stock, Marinair keep you closely informed at to it’s progress through the system.

Strait Shipping is extremely please with level of service it obtains from Marinair and would recommend the company to any prospective customer.

Jack Hutchings
Marine Manager
Strait Shipping Limited

Hakes Marine Ltd

“Marinair provided competitively priced wiper units and blades to Hakes Marine Ltd for the refit of a large launch. The wiper units were installed in accordance with comprehensive installation information provided by Marinair, and Marinair provided reliable, practical assistance and support throughout the installation and commissioning of the units.”

Graham Rowe
Hakes Marine Ltd

Bobbie ( satisfied customer)
"Dear Tony - Great service - thanks. We did a lot of research on this and
 decided your company was the one to deal with and you have come right up
 to expectations. We are nervous nellies when it comes to buying on the
 Internet - being in the older age group - but we could get to like it!
 Cheers - Bobbie"