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Coastal Flare Pack

NZ$349.00 incl GST

For use up to seven miles from land and when boating or sailing between coastal ports

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Flares - Distress, Comet


The Coastal Flare Pack contains the recommended minimum combination of marine distress flares and smokes for craft operating up to 7 miles from shore and when boating or sailing between coastal ports.

The Coastal Flare Pack also complies with Yachting NZ Category A Trailer Yacht Rules.

Pack comprises:
  • 2 x Red Parachute Rocket Flares - Each fire to a height of over 300mtrs and burn for over 1 minute at 40,000 candela, visible up to 40 kms at night and also highly visible in bright daylight.
  • 2 x Pinpoint red Hand Flares  - Each burns for 1 minute at 20,000 candela, visible up to 20km at night and also effective in daylight. Serves to pinpoint your position to searchers.
  • 2 x Orange Hand Smoke Flares - Each burn for approx' 1 minute, generating dense volumes of orange smoke for daytime signalling. Especially effective for searching aircraft, pinpointing position and also showing wind direction.
  • 1 x  Convenient Waterproof, Buoyant storage container with screw top.

The supplied brand/model may vary to the listed flare brand due to supply issues & so we can get you the best prices & expiry dates! They will of course be of the same high quality. Please let us know if there is a problem & we will let you know pricing/availability on the original brand. 
Expiration Dates: We will supply the most recent dates possible. However a few months, from date of manufacture can elapse due to time taken for transport to NZ & distribution. All Distress Flares carry a 3 year expiry date. This is due to the marine environment in which they are typically stored and because the pyrotechnic performance diminishes after that time.
Important Freight Note : Because of their pyrotechnic nature, distress flares will incur a 'Dangerous Goods Transport' charge as they require special transportation.
International Orders: Flares cannot be sent by post and can only be shipped by surface vessel.
We can quote freight costs.


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