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ResQMe 2-in-1 Key Chain Rescue Tool In Stock

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A small versatile tool that could save your life and your family

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Don’t get trapped in your  Car, Plane, Minivan, Campervan etc.
This handy little key ring device can be carried on you along with your keys and ready for use at any time. A spring load glass breaker is enclosed in the cylindrical chamber, and there's also a seat belt / clothing cutter in the device.

Use whilst at work on the job or wherever you might find your self needing the assistance of this handy little tool. Might even come across that child or someone’s pet locked up in the summer heat in the back of a car - the spring loaded glass breaker will assist in breaking any car window.

How it works: It is not uncommon for a safety belt to malfunction in an accident. Infants also can be trapped within their car seats, and when time is crucial you need to make sure everyone is safe from harm. This tool is able to cut through seat belt material in seconds, simply hook the tool over the belt and pull. The sharp steel blade is protected for your safety as well.


The Res Q Me features an ingenious spring loaded system for shattering tempered glass. Simply push the flat surface against a window until the concealed spring loaded spike releases to break the glass. Only 12 pounds (5kg) of force is needed for use. The Res Q Me will break a large enough area of glass that you can reach out of the vehicle and open the door from the outside. To climb out of the window, you may need to break the glass in several places.

With Res Q Me on your key chain, you may save the lives of others as well. It is not uncommon anymore to come in contact with a person who has locked their child and/or pet inside their vehicles and are in need of emergency help. This device is also crucial if you are the first person to the scene of an accident and need to help open a jammed door or break a window to help another.

The guard protects you from injuring yourself or another person. You can safely detach the Res Q Me from your key chain without removing keys from the ignition.

This tool is 3” (7.6cm) long, and can easily be stored in other areas of your car or aircraft as well as on your key chain. Visors and seatbelts are two common places to keep a Res Q Me.

Please note that this product does not work on laminated glass.

Standard colours : Rescue Yellow.



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