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Avmap EKP-V GPS Aeronatical Navigator - Colour

The EKP-V is the next step in the evolution of aeronautical GPS, redefining the role of the GPS inside the cockpit.
NZ $3,704.00

AvMap presents EKP V the next step in the evolution of aeronautical GPS, redefining the role of the GPS inside the cockpit.

Fully Portable
A brilliant 178mm (7”" display, with built-in battery and GPS, but only 20mm (0.8”) thick, EKP-V is slim and light yet very powerful with built-in u-blox 5 receiver, built in battery and speakers.

Fully Customizable
Easily change the layout choosing what to see and where to display it: maps, taws, weather, vertical profile on map, nav data, HSI, EFIS. Set different profiles for different aircraft with different settings for TAWS, selective display and even different hard keys configurations.

Full connectivity
With the optional special docking station you can connect EKP V you can connect to several on-board devices at the same time (Autopilot, XM, WX, CAS, EIS, EFIS etc) so that the large 178mm LCD becomes multifunctional and capable to display different flight information.

User Friendly
The new, practical keyboard includes a configurable key, a progressive joystick and a smart wheel selector, Ease of use is ensured by the new graphic interface and the full QWERTY virtual Keyboard.

EKP V navigation features:
  • Flightplans are easy to add/modify
  • Custom display layout.

  • Quick button "MODE" You still see the Map but will see below the map a small sub menu to change Map depiction. (if you want to enable or disable Terrain, Traffic, info data fields, HSI window, layout configuration etc.

EKP V HW features:

  • Lithium Battery: 4 hours battery life while navigating.
  • The joystick is also the enter button and you can move the cursor on the map with this small joystick. Around the joystick you see the wheel. With the wheel you can zoom in and out and scroll through the menu very easily and fast. Also the joystick can be used for scrolling down the menu.
  • GPS antenna: is on the backside of the unit. No external GPS antenna is needed (only when using the docking station, you will need to connect an external GPS antenna to the docking station).
  • Very slim, and very small. No other GPS competitor has so thin device with 7'' display and so many functions using the docking station.
  • Multifunctional display; Using the docking station you can connected more then 4 external devices to the EKP V at the same time.
  • Airspace Alarm (when in flight and made a flightplan, the EKP V advises you if you are heading an airspace. You can select which airspaces and at what level you want the EKP V to give you the alarm.)

Standard Accessories Pack includes-

Plastic Knee-Pad Bracket
Knee Strap
Interface Cable
Power Cable
Power Supply Adapter
Quick Start Guide

  • Worldwide background and Land Elevation
  • Jeppesen database
  • TAWS
  • Obstacles data
  • Low Airways (Victor Lanes)
  • Private Airports
  • Approach plates
  • Airport Diagrams
  • Vertical Obstructions
  • VFR reporting points
  • Airspace

Hardware Specifications
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 172mm x 21mm (4.3" x 6.8" x 0.8")
  • Weight: 400g  (14 Oz)
  • Display Size: 178mm (7") x 120mm  (4.75")
  • Display Type: Color LCD TFT
  • Display Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Keyboard with 10 keys with F1 configurable key
  • Progressive Joystick + smart wheel selector
  • GPS receiver: built-in u-blox 5 high sensitivity with WAAS position accuracy
  • Ram: 512 MB
  • Memory support: micro SD preloaded with software and maps
  • Black Box Function: Last 10 minutes flight data record
  • Power supply: external 10/35v DC with cable adapter
  • Consumption: Max 10watt
  • Speaker
  • Battery: removable, rechargeable lithium-Ion
  • USB OTG master/slave

Software Features
  • Horizontal / Vertical view
  • Night Vision
  • Vertical profile on map
  • Flight plan vertical profile: you can set the waypoints altitude
  • Full flight planning capability (up to 15 flight plans of up to 100 legs each)
  • Editable aircraft checklist
  • Full simulator functions
  • Fully customizable display: choose what to see and where! TAWS, weather, vertical profile, nav data, HIS, EFIS (GPS based).
  • Integration with other onboard devices: EFIS, autopilot, external antenna, WXXM, CAS
  • TAWS: Terrain Awareness and Warning System available worldwide
  • Crossed Airspace Predictor and Advisor
  • Safe Route predictor and advisor
  • Full qwerty virtual keyboard
  • Customizable aircraft PROFILES; set a profile for each aicraft with different TAWS settings, selective display etc
  • Selective display
  • Compatible with AvMap INCAS BB or other Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Compatible with XM Satellite Weather*
  • Save waypoints and tracks and view them in Google Earth

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